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Blockchain Decrypted

Oct 6, 2018

Welcome to another episode of the Blockchain Decrypted podcast! Will is back hosting this week, and covering a topic that anyone interested in cryptos should be aware of... cryptocurrency mining. It's still very possible to mine cryptocurrency and make money with it, but having the proper equipment is a must. Our guest this week, Ross Gemuend runs a business that sells miners and had a bunch to share on the topic.

Ross Gemuend is the owner of CryptoCrane. CryptoCrane is a company that sells ASIC miners. Before that he worked in IT for several years. Ross found his start in cryptocurrency mining when a virus infected one of his client's computers while working in IT. The virus infected the computer and used it to mine cryptocurrency. This was his "aha" moment. He thought "of all the things this virus could do to make money, it chose to mine cryptocurrency". Armed with this knowledge he decided to investigate cryptocurrencies further, then started mining himself. Using his hard earned expertise he founded CryptoCrane.

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